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Matador, having established itself to a meaningful height in terms of business value and contribution to consumer life throughout the years has achieved the status of Superbrand in Bangladesh. We are grateful to millions of our consumers for their love and passion for the brand.

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Matador Electrical & Electronics Limited just made its debut. But as a matter of fact, we can humbly say – It is lightening life from years. We entered the market in 1980 with a single machine in the garage. But to prove the famous saying, hard work really pays off – we excelled in every aspect of our business, and now, Matador products have touched millions of lives seeking knowledge to be enlightened. Our quality and consistency in product development made it possible to sustain till now.

To take this journey of enlightenment further, we are proudly introducing “Matador Electrical & Electronics Limited” with a promise to deliver the same quality to everyone & everywhere.



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